Although this has changed through its Ugandan operations, Better Globe Forestry used to operate uniquely in semi-arid lands, like in Kenya's Seven Forks area. Water is at a premium there, for human & livestock consumption, and for agricultural activities.
Although Government has established water pipelines and supply points in some areas, the needs are bigger and remain unsatisfied. During dry spells, the rural population in the Seven Forks area remains dependant on collecting water from pits in the streambeds of seasonal dry rivers. Better Globe Forestry has been giving donations of water to schools, as well as water storage tanks.

The photos on this page show water storage tanks given to Mboti Primary School in Mbuvu Location in Eastern Mwingi, an institution that has benefited from its connection with Better Globe Forestry since many years. A water bowser recently (May of this year) supplying the school is also shown. Other photos show how the local residents cope with water shortages, from scooping it from the road after a rain shower, to harvesting it from a sand riverbed, and getting it from a government collection point.
Better Globe Forestry's Seven Forks programme trains farmers in soil & water conservation, by laying-out retention ditches on their farms, through which erosion is minimised and water infiltration contributes to better crop yields. The same programme has donated water tanks to holding nurseries, owned by farmers & institutions like schools, which are temporary storage points for seedlings prior to their distribution to partner-farmers.


Water tank donated to Mboti Primary School in Mbuvu Location, Eastern Mwingi.
Another tank donated to the same school.
Water supply is a serious problem in Kenya's drylands, leading to extremes of women collecting water from road surfaces after rainfall.
Dry riverbeds are another source of water supply in drylands.
A watering point run by the Government, with huge demand. People from the wide neighbourhood come to collect water in plastic jerry-cans.
Water donation to a school, as done regularly by Better Globe Forestry.
Farm well managed from the point of view of soil & water conservation. Erosion is limited and run-off is captured and infiltrated in the subsoil. A wet-bulb develops below and downslope of the ditch, benefiting root growth.
Better Globe Forestry's Agroforestry Agents in Seven Forks are trained in the lay-out & design of water retention ditches. They have been doing this with hundreds of partner-farmers, rendering an essential service in soil & water conservation and hence increasing farm productivity and crop yields, among which mukau.