Better Globe Forestry is counting here with the NGO CHILDAFRICA, which is based in Uganda (see their website). Nevertheless, two schools in Kenya have been receiving substantial aid over the years. One is the Kiambere school complex, a secondary school that was completelyrenovated in 2008, the other one is Mboti Primary School in Mbuvu Location (eastern Mwingi). The latter has benefited from additional infrastructure (class room, kitchen, water storage tanks)and occasionally receives a water donation, notably when there is a prolonged dry season. The school is located in the middle of farms participating in the partner programme of Seven Forks, close to the rangelands of Sosoma ranch.
Some of the photos show the refurbishment of the Kiambere school, as well as the plaque commemorating the handing-over.


Commemorative plaque for the official opening of a school refurbished by Better Globe Forestry in collaboration with Child Africa.
Before Refurbishment of kitchen.
After Refurbishment of kitchen.
Refurbishment of toilet area.
Refurbished class room.
Gate & fence of Mboti Primary School, paid for by Better Globe Forestry.