"The tree farmers magazine for Africa" is now existing for 10 years. Its first issue appeared in January 2009, having been prepared in the last months of 2008. It is a quarterly, meaning it appears 4 times per year. It has never failed appearing so now we are preparing issue #43, for the third quarter of 2019 (words written in June 2019).

Over the years, it has proven to be a high-quality publication, dedicated to the service of the environmental community of East Africa. It is platform for exchange of forestry knowledge between forest professionals & entrepreneurs, ecologists and nature lovers. Apart from few exceptions, all photos are from East Africa, and we're proud of that. All articles are written by voluntary collaborators from Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, who are experts in their fields. The magazine is a unique depository of forestry know-how, and is internationally being used as a reliable reference in various articles and books related to East African forestry. It is currently printed and distributed on 2500 copies and is only available on subscription basis.

Miti is prepared by a small team in Better Globe Forestry 's Head Office in Nairobi, assisted by a country responsible in Uganda and Tanzania, while the design and lay-out are done in Uganda and the printing takes place in Nairobi. It relies heavily on its "Editorial Committees", in both Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. They meet once/quarter and are composed of representatives of government institutions (e.g. Kenya Forest Service, the National Forest Authority, Tanzania Forest Service), academia (research institutions including universities) and the private sector. Its members function as a networking & search engine which provides information on which articles to write, and who can write them.

Each issue is built around a lead theme, e.g. "Trees and technology", and further filled by feature articles, the "tree species of the quarter" and a water article.


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A quarterly meeting of the Editorial Committee, Kenya.
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