Lake Kamburu is one of the man-made lakes on Tana River, part of the boundary between Machakos (south) and Embu (north) counties (see map). It is vitally situated alongside the Embu-Kanyonyo road, tarmacked and at Kanyonyo giving access to Garissa road; and it is surrounded by a bufferzone, gazetted under Kenyan law, belonging to KenGen (Kenya Electricity Generating Company Ltd). It lays in the central part of the Seven Forks area, where Better Globe Forestry is running its current Kenyan farmers programme. At the dam sits a power station with a production capacity of 31 MW. The area is secure, has good accessibility and water & power.

This is the place Better Globe Forestry has selected to construct its regional field HQ. In collaboration with KenGen, a piece of land (40ha, see Google satellite map below) was identified for construction & establishment of the following:

  1. A seedling production facility, with in-vitro lab (see lay-out)& nursery
  2. Offices & stores
  3. A seed orchard with selected elite clones of Melia volkensii (in cooperation with Kenya Forestry Research Institute)
  4. A pilot sawmill, modular and extendible towards bigger scale.
  5. Space reserved for processing plants (flooring, furniture...)
Negotiations with the landowner (KenGen) are in an advanced stage, and design of the lab was done with the Universities of Ghent and Nairobi. The attached photos show the current vegetation on the site, and a view on Embu road with Lake Kamburu in the back-ground.


View of the plot under discussion.
The plot is located aside a major road, and close to Lake Kamburu, for water supply. Electricity is also present.
Proposed plan of the in-vitro laboratory.