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MITI Magazine is a high quality, full colour, tree business magazine, the first of its kind in East Africa. The magazine aims to inform its readers, both professionals andMiti 32Miti 32 non-professionals,on matters related to afforestation in Africa.

MITI is targeted at tree lovers, business people, farmers, ecologists, scientists, investors, students, NGOs, government policy makers and other readers who wish to know how important afforestation is for the present and future generations.

The articles are tailored in such a way as to interest the general readership in East Africa.·Each issue has recurrent departments aimed at enlightening readers about the challenges and rewards related to tree planting in Africa.

Apart from business articles and news updates related to afforestation, MITI also gives information on controversial tree issues, the historical use of trees, water management, etc.

MITI runs interviews with farmers or individuals and companies with a successful afforestation story so that readers may benefit from those experiences.

The magazine tackles issues of improving techniques and gives advice to its readers. Local institutions involved in the tree business also have occasion to present themselves and their work.

MITI is not just a magazine; it is more like a continuous positive training programme on how people can make more money through tree planting, as well as saving the environment - in conjunction with Better Globe Forestry


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