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Quality policy

 Jean Paul Deprins - Managing Director Jean Paul Deprins - Managing Director Better Globe Forestry's vision is to create a combination of a secure commercial project with vital humanitarian and environmental activities. In the process, BGF would become world's biggest tree planting company in ASAL within 20 years.

The mission of BGF is to make Africa a greener, healthier place in which to live, and to eradicate poverty by focusing on the development of profitable, commercial tree plantations that will deliver environmental as well as humanitarian benefits.

BGF is committed to continuously satisfy its investors, employees, suppliers, customers, shareholders, partners and any other present or future stakeholders through a Quality Approach that also meets the needs of the environment and the community at large.

It is therefore the policy of BGF to:

  1. Create attractive financial opportunities for present and future investors;
  2. Continuously identify and address the needs of employees, suppliers, customers, shareholders, the community at large and any other stakeholders;
  3. Focus on the need to fight poverty, through promoting massive tree-planting;
  4. Create and sustain a motivated workforce throughout the organisation for meeting its business objectives;
  5. Continuously maintain and review an effective and efficient Quality System which as a minimum satisfies the requirements of the appropriate Quality System Standard(s);
  6. Ensure that personnel throughout the organisation are committed to the organisation's Quality Management Aims and Policy through on-going training and education programmes at all levels;
  7. Continuously strengthen everyone's commitment to environmental improvement by ensuring that management behaviour, image, communication and recognition systems reflect the norms and value that support quality and continuing improvement;
  8. Identify and eliminate the shortcomings that cause the company to lose focus, and;
  9. Continuously improve the performance of all aspects of the organisation.

Jean-Paul Deprins

Managing Director

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