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Child Africa projects in Uganda

Better Globe Forestry is supporting Child Africa through their forestry program and donate monthly money for various projects, like school building and publishing the free children magazine called "Bingwa" (Champion in swahili) which is fighting corruption by building integrity in children of Africa.The Norwegian NGO is doing the fundraising, the Ugandan run and supports schools and the Kenyan NGO is responsible for printing and distributing the Bingwa Magazine in Africa.

Child Africa is an NGO registered and operating pursuant to the laws of Norway, Uganda and Kenya. It has been operating in Uganda since 1991 (before it was registered as an NGO in 2002, it was a private initiative and called "Solbergs Children Help Org"). With the main office in Kampala, the Capital City of Uganda, Child Africa activities span the other districts of Kabale, Masaka and Kasese in Uganda. Our message is clear, our methods uncomplicated and our voice unwaveringly loud as daily we strive to make a difference in the lives of orphans and vulnerable children with education and other necessary basic amenities needed for life such as clothing, food, stationery, among others.

Our Vision is;

"To help millions of children get quality education and teach HONESTY & INTEGRITY as a tool to fight poverty and corruption in Africa."


Child Africa is running two Schools; one in Kabale District Child Africa EducationChild Africa Education(Western Uganda) and the other right at the Equator, Masaka District (Central Uganda). Our Kabale School which is situated in Nyabikoni Ward, Central Division, Kabale Municipality is run from premises rented from private individuals. In this school, over 350 children, both deaf and hearing, boarders and day scholars obtain an outstanding decent education. This school which started in 2008 has since then registered tremendous growth with our first lot of P.7 Candidates performing beyond expectations.

The school at the Equator is run from premises that we constructed on our own 20 acres piece of land and has over 300 Children already. We have also build a boarding section for 100 children at this school. In these two schools, we espouse a number of values among our learners on top of the normal Ugandan Curriculum and these include:

  1. Honesty and Integrity
  2. Positive thinking
  3. Goal setting
  4. Self-confidence building
  5. Human relations
  6. Success principles
  7. Entrepreneurial thinking
  8. Tolerance

Today, we have a number of Children who have passed through us right up to the university with a very big number still in the Universities, with even many more in Secondary, Technical and other tertiary institutions. In the areas where we operate, we receive tremendous support from the Education, Security and other official in the District who applaud the uniqueness and value that we add to the Children we educate.

Our current beneficiaries(both at our schools and those that are sponsored but study in schools in their localities) stand at around 800 Children with a growing number each day.

School Building Projects

As of today, we have acquired 18 acres of land in Kabale In which we intend to establish a huge complex that will have: Nursery, Primary, Secondary & Vocational sections with a total population of over 2500 Students.

Integration of the Deaf

Our Schools are very unique because we take hearing children and incorporate them with deaf children who ordinarily, would have been denied access to a good education.

We then teach both the impaired and non impaired children sign language to obtain 100% communication between them. Our pilot project in Kabale currently integrates 11 deaf children and approximately 350 non-deaf children.

We work closely with Uganda National Association for the Deaf (UNAD) to help us build model schools that facilitate the incorporation of these children with impairments.

We are at the point of rolling out this model of an inclusive education to all our schools. Our experience of taking on homeless children living in extreme isolation and poverty in the mountains and surrounding areas of Kabale has shown a marked increase in the number of deaf children seeking a primary school that caters for their specific needs..

Sports at the Schools

It has been said before that "Work without play makes Jack a dull boy"!Sports at Child AfricaSports at Child Africa

Indeed, at Child Africa, we believe the children of Kabale & Equator – our children, should rise up to take up what rightfully belongs to them – the future! However, for them to take up this fundamental role, they must be fully equipped with a holistic education that takes care of all their wholesome needs; physical fitness, inclusive. It is against this background that a football league that involved eight (8) municipality schools was organized by Child Africa International School Sports department and fully funded by Child Africa in Kabale District where we emerged 2nd. This football league dubbed "The Child Africa Cup" is an annual event that had its first occurrence this year.

Child Africa F.C the name of our football team in Kabale currently, among its many objectives, is to participate in the "NORWAY CUP" of under 14 years players in Norway. We also participate in games and sports that are organized separately by both district and corporate bodies, usually performing very well; in most occasions, only one school coming before us and we took 2st place. In all our schools, sports and games are highly esteemed; sports equipment and facilities are always provided or catered for.

Strand Videregående Skole, one of our sponsor's in Norway has tremendously contributed to our sports efforts, a Play Park construction and items like swings, sea-saws, slides among others were donated to Child Africa to promote our cause. Child Africa Kabale is the only junior school in Uganda with their own brass band, played by the children of the school.

On the Local Scene, SOS Uganda also contributed two sets of Football Shirts which have since been put to use by our Kabale football players. In conclusion therefore, our efforts, skills, attributes, finances, time, mental and other resources are all geared so that we can "Make a Difference" in the lives of those for whom we've pledged service.

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